Hello everyone! My name is Nikki and I want to welcome you to Just Fabulous Reviews! I am a SHOE-A-HOLIC and have been a member of JustFab.com for many months. I loved the whole idea of JustFab so much that I wanted to help spread the word and create a place where anyone can leave their very own comments and reviews on this service.

You will be able to read a very in depth review of the JustFab shoes service on my homepage as well as leave your own review in the comments section. So if you have tried it out please go ahead and post your honest thoughts and experiences with JustFabulous. I have also created separate pages for JustFab handbags and JustFab jewelry and would very much appreciate any comments you may have on those topics as well.

I hope this site can be of help to anyone out there who is on the fence about this service. I want to help get you as much information and opinion as possible to help you decide whether or not to spend your hard earned money on JustFabulous. Please also note that I am in no way associated with JustFab.com, I am just one of many fans of their service and wanted to share my opinions on it. See my full disclosure for more information.

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